Bon jou; noukwe' oubyen! Hello; we trust you are well!

We wish you a warm and pleasant welcome to the website of the Dominica UK Association (DUKA). We aim to provide a range of useful information concerning our communities in the United Kingdom, Dominica and elsewhere.

We hope the look, feel, content and navigability of the website will provide enjoyment to your heart's content and encourage you to visit regularly.

Your feedback on any aspect of the site will help us develop it and make continuous improvements, so that the freshness, relevance and usefulness of the information provided to you is maintained.

DUKA is in its' third decade as a main Dominican Association registered and having its main operating base in the United Kingdom. We have identified and met many diverse needs and some of the realistic aspirations of people in our communities over the years and plan to at least maintain that momentum in the future. DUKA is adaptable to change to meet changing needs and expectations.

We truly welcome your participation in DUKA's events and activities, and encourage you to apply for membership irrespective of your age, gender, skills, profession, geographical location or main interests. Technology provides the tools and medium for quick and effective communication, therefore distance is no barrier.

Do have an enjoyable virtual journey and welcome into the DUKA family!


Vincent M John,