Dominica UK Association

Serving communities in UK & Dominica

The Origins of DUKA


The Dominica UK Association (DUKA) was established in 1976 following a merger of two small Dominican groups operating in East London. In 1978, DUKA gained full Charitable status from the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales. DUKA's first major project was the Hurricane David Relief Effort in 1979 involving the collection of clothing and foodstuffs from all over the UK for shipping to the "Nature Island". DUKA has continued to address the needs of our communities both in the UK and Dominica, and aims to do so even more visibly in the future.


our core values

DUKA's Objectives are very wide in scope but focus on the key areas of Poverty Relief, Health Care Provision, Education, Culture and the Youth primarily in Dominica and the United Kingdom. The Objects are stipulated in the Rules & Constitution as follows:

  • The relief of poverty, distress and suffering.
  • The relief of physically or mentally handicapped persons.
  • The relief of both the aged and the sick.
  • The advancement of the education of the public and in particular by the provision of a supplementary school, prizes, scholarships and bursaries for the instruction and support of students.
  • To advance, develop, improve and maintain the education of citizens in sciences, arts, literature, music, history, economics, philosophy, culture, way of life and other recognised subjects of academic study.
  • To help young people especially but not exclusively through leisure time activities, develop their physical and mental capabilities, achieve full maturity as individual members of society and improve their lifestyles.
  • To support the charitable activities of recognised Charities established for that purposes both in the UK and Dominica.