Dominica UK Association

Serving communities in UK & Dominica

How Can I Become A Member?

To become part of the driving force click here to apply for DUKA Full or Associate membership now. 

Contact the Membership Officer:

  • to get details of DUKA's plans and activities;
  • request to be placed on the mailing list; or
  • if you wish to pass on news concerning our communities either in the UK or  Dominica.

 Why Should You Become A Member?


Too often we hear of an undercurrent of selfishness and individualism permeating and blighting our community. DUKA offers you the chance to make a contribution towards reversing the trend of short-term expediency in order to tackle long-term malaise. In addition to this you will achieve the following benefits: 

    • network with positive fellow Dominicans and a diverse range of interesting people, e.g. in other island organisations, entertainment, press, diplomats, etc;
    • participate in your particular areas of interest, e.g. education, social, sports, etc;
    • enjoy trips to a variety of places and venues of culture, history etc. in the UK and overseas;
    • learn about and help preserve Dominican Culture: Dance, Music, Song, Kwéyòl Language;
    • contribute meaningfully to your local community and relations in Dominica;
    • provide your children with a positive legacy on which to hold on to and help them develop as exemplars of good citizenship.